2023 Job layoffs

The new 2023 hasn’t start well for many companies.

Starting with Meta that laid off over 11,000 employees in November 2022, and reducing its workforce by 13%, as well as Amazon with 10,000 employees in the middle of November 2022 and followed by Twitter with 50% cut and 20% of Intel staff, the layoffs tornado is going through the high tech companies.

Salesforce, the business software giant, announced on Jan 4th that it planned to lay off 10 percent of its work force, which is about 8,000 employees, due to the concerns about the economy. “The environment remains challenging, and our customers are taking a more measured approach to their purchasing decisions,” Marc Benioff, the company’s co-chief executive, said in a note to employees announcing the cuts. Salesforce’s revenue, like that of many other technology companies, boomed during the pandemic. In his letter, Mr. Benioff suggested that the company had hired too aggressively during that period. Salesforce headcount has increase form 48,000 in 2019 up to around 80,000 people at the end of October 2022.

Microsoft has just announced on Jan 18th that it will lay off approx. 10,000 of its employees, that is around 5% of its global workforce. They will begin the redundancies Wednesday. Microsoft will take on a $1.2 billion restructuring costs charge. The company will continue to hire and invest in strategic areas focusing on artificial intelligence.

Google parent company Alphabet announced on Jan 20th that it is cutting around 12,000 jobs, being 6% of its total workforce. They stated that while the layoffs will occur in all regions and hit most units, these may affect teams such as recruiting more. Partially, it is driven by extensive hire during the pandemic to cope with enormous demand, but also due to an uncertain economic climate and record-high inflation.

Below you can find the most updated tracker showing the number of tech layoffs and impacted employers:

Source: Layoffs.fyi

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