Accounting Career: How to Make Yours Successful

accounting career

In any type of businesses, an accountant is needed. Accounting is in general the language in business. Having enough knowledge about accountancy is essential for business leaders to know how their company is doing. All this is why accounting professionals are in big demand right now and why one’s accounting career can be very successful. Thus, a lot of certified accountants have become quite successful in their field. And some have also started their own accounting business.

The great thing about accounting career is that it will enable you to interact with all levels of business, from analysts to top executives, and you will learn a lot from this.

Here is what does it take to become an accountant and follow this career.


First of all, you need to know about the eligibility in becoming an accountant.

You need to be a graduate in a 4 year bachelor’s degree in accountancy or any related field. Aside from this, an accountant should be able to have good analytical and technical expertise in business systems (e.g. ERP). Good mathematical aptitude is also a must-have for accountants. And, of course computers are one of the most used medium in computing. You should also have knowledge and the operating skills of a computer.

Another requirement is that you will need a bachelor’s degree with a minor in another subject. You need to take it from an accredited college or university in order for you to apply for Master’s in accounting.

You can also pursue accounting career if you had your course in accounting over distance learning programs or through the internet.

Moreover, you will need an accreditation or license of certain organization. Such as being a CPA should have a license by the STA or the State Board of Accountancy. The other organizations are ACCA, CIMA, etc.

Additionally, you also should complete a number of semester hours as well as work hours. Those are considered for a 4-year bachelor’s degree. When you become a public accountant, you will start as a trainee. You will usually begin your accounting career as a junior internal auditor or as cost accountant.

If you have a master’s degree in business administration or an MBA, it can accelerate your accounting career. MBA is preferred by more companies who are looking for accountants as part of their employees.


The great thing about pursuing accountancy as a career is that it presents a lot of career opportunities. For example, you can get a job as auditors or accountants in government offices or in private companies. Even if you do not have any license.

During the course of your accounting career, you can even get promoted to a position, such as the chief financial officer position, tax director or corporate controller, which presents a lot more great opportunities for your career.

You can also work in the legal office. You can work as an auditor, a financial officer, a budget analyst, a management accountant, and also as a tax accountant. Most companies that are looking for tax accountants will prefer accountants with legal background.

Forensic accounting is another promising career for accountants. Here, you will investigate crimes, such as fraud in company’s finances.

If you have a knack for teaching, you can teach a subject related to accountancy in college. This is a great career option and many accountants feel that this job is really fulfilling.


Just remember that in this profession, you have to start slow. Accounting job is about the details, so you need to patient. If you are just beginning a career as an accountant, try to start as a trainee. Then work your way up to the accounting career path that you want to take.

Accountancy or accounting career is a very promising career that presents a lot of great opportunities. You can be sure that you will find the right career that you want if you take this type of career.

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