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Domestic Tax Compliance Manager Toledo

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Domestic Tax Compliance Manager Toledo in US - Ohio

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The U.S. Federal and State Compliance Manager provides direction and leadership so that the company’s U.S. Federal and State/Local income and franchise taxes comply with U.S. Federal and State/Local tax regulations. The U.S. Federal and State Compliance Manager is responsible to implement and continuously improve the U.S. federal and state/local overall tax provision and return processes. The U.S. Federal and State Compliance Manager also provides support and assists with planning strategies and defending tax positions with US Federal and State government authorities.


The position reports to the Domestic Tax Director and has three direct reports




  • Developing and executing U.S. Federal and State/Local tax compliance and U.S Federal and State/Local tax provision processes and procedures


  • Develop and administer the U.S. federal tax return process to ensure the return, estimates and extension are accurate and completed in a timely manner.
  • Develop and administer U.S. state income and franchise tax return processes to ensure all returns, estimates and extensions are accurate and completed in a timely manner.
  • Develop and administer the U.S. federal and state tax provision process that adheres to US GAAP accounting standards under ASC 740.
  • Assist and implement tax planning strategies as outlined by senior tax personnel so all benefits are realized.
  • Administer and assist with the defense of U.S. federal tax audits.
  • Organize and defend state income and franchise tax audits.



  • Complete and accurate Tax returns with no penalties and interest.
  • Improved efficiency and timing of filing tax returns.
  • Improved efficiency U.S. Federal and State Tax Provision.


  • Directing Controls and Operations


  • Lead and direct the processes for the filing of US Federal and State/Local Income and Franchise taxes. The U.S. Federal and State Compliance Manager will ensure controls are effective, so all tax return positions are documented and defendable to federal and local governmental authorities.
  • Lead and direct the preparation and reporting of the U.S. Accounting for Income Tax as under ASC 740. The individual will ensure all worksheets and automation tools are available to comply with the company’s policies and procedures for accounting for income taxes. Direct and effective communication with accounting and external reporting finance leaders is essential to make certain the U.S. income tax position of the company is reported accurately to external advisors and investors.
  • Assist the Domestics Tax Director to provide the necessary data and research to support the development of tax positions and to generate defenses for U.S. Federal tax audits.
  • Manage State/Local income and franchise tax audits so the necessary data and research to support the company’s tax positions and to generate defenses for U.S. State/Local income and franchise tax audits.



  • Effective process that accelerates the federal and state return compliance requirements.
  • Improved process time to provide accounting entries for the U.S. federal and state income tax provision.
  • Reduce the tax impact resulting from federal and state tax audits.


  • Leading and Developing Talent


  • The position directs the tax team with a focus toward developing experienced tax and tax accounting professionals in the domestic and international areas.
  • Create an environment with an emphasis on improving processes and knowledge of tax compliance and income tax accounting.
  • Encourage team members to communicate new ideas or processes to enhance all aspects of the tax function.
  • Increase the talent and performance of team members through continuous learning and involvement in new areas of responsibilities.



  • Increased accountabilities for the tax staff in all areas of the tax compliance and accounting processes
  • Number of individuals evolving in more leadership roles and responsibilities within the company
  • Rate of involuntary turnover for poor and marginal performers
  • Number of turnovers of high performance and growth talent


  • Leading the Tax Function


  • Inspires teamwork across staff functions and other business groups to maximize the performance of the tax function.
  • Communicates effectively with global finance and tax leaders to increase the teamwork across the finance function.
  • Regarded by the employees of Owens Corning as a role model for their growth, development and conduct.



  • Feedback from VP – Taxes, direct reports and peers
  • Transparency across the global finance function


Job Requirements




  • A minimum of 10 years of tax experience working in a multinational corporation or equivalent experience in a Big 4 accounting firm required.
  • A Bachelors Degree is required with a CPA certification and a MS in Taxation or JD, preferred.


Knowledge and Skills:


  • Business Relationships: Can develop strong business relationships across the finance function in order to understand business transactions and tax strategies so they can be appropriately accounted for and reported to governmental authorities.


  • Process Improvement: Can continuously drive improvement in the processes within tax and global finance leaders to simplify tax compliance and improve tax accounting reporting.


  • Technical Skills: Has strong technical tax and accounting skills and can understand and analyze transactions in a large multinational company.


  • Financial Acumen: Broad and deep knowledge of tax and accounting, including superb understanding of tax policy, law and its administration and a strong foundation of technical understanding in income tax concepts as well as accounting processes and systems. Demonstrated ability to identify and communicate complicated tax issues in terms of impact on business operations and to effectively engage senior management in tax reporting.


  • Business Partner: Strong ability to build business partnerships to effectively communicate the tax position of the company to senior management. Able to explain technical tax and tax accounting concepts in clear, common sense terms. Analytical skills focused on problem solving and process improvement.


  • Leadership and Communication Skills: Demonstrated executive presence that enhances relationships with senior management and other finance team members. Positive influencing skills, able to interact with professionals in various functional areas to resolve issues throughout the organization and to mesh complex tax concepts with data needs from non-tax groups. Outstanding written and verbal communication skills. Communicates in a manner that encourages an ongoing dialogue with complete candor that builds trust and encourages creativity within the financial team.


  • Results orientation and business acumen: Ability to bridge the technical and regulatory parameters of tax and accounting requirements with the practical and financial realities of the business.


  • Strong collaboration and influencing skills: Ability to work credibly and collaboratively with global cross-functional management teams. Responsive to business unit and corporate office needs and successful in advancing initiatives across an organization.


Abilities and Personal Characteristics:


  • Results Oriented: Drives results in difficult situations in a timely and effective manner.


  • Change Agent: Always looks at alternative ways of doing things and embraces change as a means of driving and simplifying processes.


  • Learn Continuously and Develop Others: Technically up to date and able to teach and mentor tax staff in understanding and learning tax application in a multinational corporate environment.


  • Business Savvy: Knows the business and the mission-critical technical and functional skills needed to do the job; understands various types of business propositions and understands how businesses operate in general; learns new methods and technologies easily.


  • Problem Solver: Can solve the most complex of problems; great at gleaning meaning from whatever data is available; is a quick study of the new and different, adds personal insight and experience to come to the best conclusion and solution, given the situation; uses multiple problem-solving tools and techniques.


  • Organized: Is well organized and resourceful; effective and efficient at marshalling multiple resources to get things done; lays out tasks in sufficient detail to mark the trail; can work on multiple tasks at once without losing track; foresees and plans around obstacles.


  • Confident: Fearlessly takes on all issues, challenges, and people; comfortably confronts and works through conflicts; delivers negative feedback and messages without hesitation; deals promptly and fairly with problem performers; lets everyone know where they stand; thrives in crises and is energized by tough challenges; not afraid to make difficult decisions and take tough action; challenges the status quo.


  • Action-Oriented: Attacks everything with drive and passion with a focus on the bottom line; not afraid to initiate action before all the facts are known; drives to the finish line.


  • Approachable: Interpersonally agile; easy to approach and talk to; relates well to all kinds of people; makes a good first impression; builds solid relationships; and listens attentively. Brings a collaborative and charismatic personal style that creates commitment and enthusiasm throughout an organization.


  • High Integrity: Is a person of high character; is consistent and acts in line with a clear and visible set of core values and beliefs; is direct and truthful but at the same time can keep confidences.


  • Strong Intellect: Has the intellectual capacity and aptitude required to lead and manage a sophisticated tax department. Deals effectively with strategic issues, as well as tactical operational details.


  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Possesses a sense of ownership and entrepreneurial spirit. Comfortable in a dynamic and evolving organization. Innovative in developing organizational processes and procedures.

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