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Income Tax Director Detroit in US - Michigan

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  • 28/09/2019
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From the rich history that is full of firsts and great innovation, to the unique culture, to the extraordinary experiences – there are countless reasons to love Detroit. The City of Detroit employs over 8,000 employees committed to serving the residents and businesses of Detroit. Our employees make a real difference with the work they do every day and have a hand in shaping the future of the city.

Come discover the excitement and rewards of working for a vibrant city and enjoy the satisfaction of doing work that helps make Detroit a great place to live, work, and play. The excitement of being located downtown Detroit adds an extra element to the atmosphere for going to work. The City Of Detroit offers staff many opportunities to help drive positive social impacts in our communities all while servicing the citizens. The rebuilding & rebirth of Detroit is happening now!

Position Summary
The Office of the Chief Financial Officer is seeking to fill a Financial Analyst Manager IV (Director of Income Tax) position within the Office of the Treasury. The Director of Income Tax is a managerial position that involves directing the work of an organization, usually through subordinate Managers and/or Supervisors. Managers are accountable for the success of specific line or staff programs, monitoring the progress of the organization toward goals, and periodically evaluating and making appropriate adjustments. Subordinates include Financial Analyst Manager III, Supervisory Financial Analysts, Financial Analysts, Auditors, other professionals, and paraprofessionals who perform financial analysis work.

Financial Analysts focus on financial and operational planning and analysis including strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial modeling, and detailed financial analysis. Financial Analyst professionals prepare weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports in which the Financial Analyst will compare financial and operational results using actual, historical, budget, and forecast data. Financial Analysts monitor the implementation of the City's budget to ensure compliance and develop financial and operational metrics to measure progress. Three major functions performed by a Financial Analyst include financial planning and analysis, cost studies and alternative analysis, and compliance and ad hoc analysis.

In 2015 the City entered into an agreement with the State of Michigan Department of Treasury (the State) for the State to administer the City's income taxes beginning with tax year 2015 for individual returns and 2016 for corporate and withholding returns. One of the key components to this agreement was the ability for City taxpayers to e-file their City returns as a part of the State return. The City currently receives nearly 80% of its returns via e-file. In addition, as the combined result of economic growth, the State's efficient income tax administration, and the launch of a compliance program for prior year taxes, the City has seen income tax revenue increase nearly 18% since 2016.

Since bankruptcy, the City has reorganized its Income Tax Branch to fall under the Office of the Chief Financial Officer - Office of the Treasury, procured a new income tax system and improved processes. The City has determined that it is in its long-term best interest to resume administration of the City's Income Tax. The City intends to transition administration from the State throughout calendar years 2019 and 2020, with a goal of resuming individual income tax administration in early 2020. Due to additional complexities, corporate and withholding tax administration will launch in January of 2021. Income Tax is the City's largest source of revenue and its growth is essential to the fiscal health of the City.




Manages a subordinate staff of managers, supervisors, professionals, and paraprofessionals who perform professional financial analysis work including financial planning and analysis, cost studies and alternative analysis, and compliance and ad hoc analysis.

The Director of Income Tax (the Director) leads the operations of the Income Tax Branch, which is made up of three units: Taxpayer Services, Compliance and Audit. As the leader of this team, the Director will have a key role in the transition of Administration from the State to the City.

Key objectives:
  • Best practice compliance and audit processes designed to maximizing income tax revenue
  • Operate in full compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances and directives
  • Highest quality service to taxpayers; Educational outreach to local business community
  • Efficient and effective income tax administration.

Broad duties and responsibilities include:
  • Decisions affecting the basic content and character of the operations directed
  • Decisions on long-range planning; periodic and comprehensive evaluation of program goals and objectives
  • Decisions on organization improvements
  • Decisions which have an impact on relationships with other groups
  • Decisions substantially affecting economy of operations
  • Decisions involving key officials
  • Decisions on work problems presented by subordinate Supervisors and Managers
  • Collaborates with heads of other units to negotiate, decide on, and/or coordinate work-related changes affecting other units
  • Advises officials with broader and higher responsibilities on problems involving the relationship of the work of the unit supervised to broader programs, and its impact on such programs
  • Plans work to be accomplished by subordinates
  • Sets priorities and prepares schedules for completion of work
  • Assigns work to subordinates based on priorities, selective consideration of the difficulty and the requirements of the assignments, and the capabilities of employees
  • Gives advice, counsels, or instructions to individual employees on both work and administrative matters
  • Interviews candidates for positions in his unit
  • Evaluates Supervisors and Managers; Reviews evaluations made by Supervisors on other employees
  • Makes selections for nonsupervisory positions, recommending selections for Supervisors and Manager positions
  • Hears group grievances and serious employee complaints, or ones not resolved at a lower level: reviewing serious disciplinary cases those proposing suspensions and removals, and disciplinary problems involving key employees
  • As needed, consults with specialists on training needs, and deciding on training problems related to the units supervised; Identifies developmental and training needs of employees in consultation with the Chief Learning Officer; Provides or makes provision for such development and training.




Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with major course of work in accounting, business, public administration, or a closely related field.
Such education must include at least twenty-four (24) semester (36 terms) credits of coursework in accounting, finance, or economics.

Must have a minimum of seven (7) years total experience: Four (4) years of direct experience in finance and/or accounting and (3) years in a supervisory capacity over finance and/or accounting professionals. Financial Analyst manager IV must demonstrate proficiency with integrated word processing and spreadsheet functions.
Equivalent combinations of education and experience that provide the required knowledge, skills, and abilities will be evaluated on an individual basis.




Things you'll like:
The City of Detroit offers a competitive and comprehensive employee benefit package including health, dental, and vision benefits, generous paid time off, free/reduced parking, defined benefit pension plan, and 50% Employee Discount on Homes Purchased from the Detroit Land Bank's Housing Auction Program

Things you'll love:
World-class training that promote life-long learning and development
Tuition discounts from educational partnerships
Vast array of career opportunities
Ability to drive social impact at the community level
Ability to contribute to the success of the City of Detroit
Subjects and Weights:
1. Oral Appraisal/Demo - 70% (Maximum)
2. Evaluation of Training, Experience, Personal Qualifications (TEP) –30% (Maximum)
3. Total of Oral Appraisal & Evaluation of TEP = 100% (Max)

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