Trends in International Tax Jobs

Just few words about he current situation on the tax jobs’ opportunities

The tax jobs market is constantly impacted by many legislation changes. BEPS, CbCR, FATCA, and US Tax Reform as well as new tax implementations (VAT, „Obesity Taxes”) created a lot of new opportunities for tax professionals. In addition in the last few years we had BREXIT and US elections’ impacts, with aggressive tax structures becoming a taboo.

On the other side, there is a rapid tax technology development. The main drivers are the needs for automation solutions to stream the processes, and free up the time of tax team for more value adding tasks.

In consequence, these days tax manager, except for the technical knowledge, must have a broad experience. That would include project management , managing internal finance teams and in-country advisors. At the same time, continuously looking to make the overall process more efficient.

Positive for the candidates is that this is still a candidate-driven market. We can observe lack of manager level candidates across the market. Thus, in many cases, employers look at different options. More senior or more often juniors with growth potential.

Current focus on tax transparency has a positive impact for candidates with high exposure to corporate tax compliance and reporting.

Unpredictable implications of U.S. tax reform together with continuous pressure on tax department budgets may impact in projected decrease in departments adding tax headcount in future.

Still Tax Jobs boards with support of Internal HR are the main method for recruiting tax stuff.

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